Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here are the top 10 of some of the most expensive listings in the area!
  1. $9,995,000 - https://www.spartangrouprealty.com/search/details/611/17/
This beautiful retreat is located in Umatilla, Florida. It is a 5 bed, 8.5 bath, and is over 17,000 square feet! Yes, please!
This beauty in Longboat Key is a waterfront property with 5 bedrooms, and 7.5 bathrooms. Also has a fully equipped gym and a gorgeous heated pool...
7 bed, 6.5 bath, located in Boca Grande. Need I say more? Just look at that picture!
This home is a 7 bed, 7.5 bath beauty located in Windermere. Just the city itself sounds fancy, so why not have a fancy Mediterranean mansion in it too?
7 bed, 6.5 bath in Longboat Key. I mean, just look at that.
5 bed, 6.5 bath in Boca Grande, with its own courtyard/garden combo. On our website, it also says it was “designed in 1938 by the renowned Palm Beach architectural firm, Wyeth and King, who also designed the historic resort and landmark of luxury, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.”
Located in Bradenton, Florida. Has 6 bedrooms, and 8.5 baths. What is it with these gorgeous courtyards?
6 bedroom, 6.5 bath Longboat Key Estate off the water. Marble galore.
oh. my. good. ness.
just look at that.
And last but certainly not least (especially in price...), this beautifully constructed Windermere lakefront estate. 7 bedrooms, 12.5 baths, and 51,000 square feet. Sign me up!