Good Afternoon, and Happy Wednesday!
Here are 10 ways to decorate for the upcoming holiday season that won’t put you out a ton of money!


Use cranberries bought from your local grocery store to make a beautiful yet simple Christmas centerpiece/accent piece!

DIY Potpourri

Decorations are great, but you can make it smell like the holidays too! Use the linked recipe to make your home smell amazing. It’s easily customizable too!

Hanging Pinecones

This DIY is so incredibly simple. It’s literally a bunch of pinecones tied together with ribbon, but sometimes less is more! It’s simplistic, easy, and cheap. Plus, you can use whatever type of ribbon you’d like, spray paint the pine cones, or customize it any way you’d like!

Neutral Wrapping Paper

Some people might not consider wrapping paper as a decoration, but I do! A small detail like matching wrapping paper can tie in all of your décor! Grab some brown craft wrapping paper, (or any neutral wrapping paper will do) and wrap all you presents in it. Customize it with different color ribbons for different people, and make it your own!

Easy DIY Candle Display

Grab a couple small glass bowls or tiny fish bowls, and fill them with mistletoe, holly, cranberries, greenery, anything you want! Fill it up with water, place a floating tea light candle right on top, and voila!

Printable Holiday Décor!

This one is so incredibly easy, and I’ll definitely be using this idea in a few weeks! Find a free printable that you like off of google, print it out with your printer, buy a frame from dollar tree and you have a cheap Christmas print ready to be hung!

Peppermint Tree

Take some peppermints, grab a foam tree from Michael’s, and hot glue them right on! Next thing you know, you have a peppermint Christmas tree cute enough to eat! [ But don’t ;) ]

Candy Cane Place-Card Holder

Hosting a Christmas party, or having guest over for dinner? Make some cheap place-card holders by gluing candy canes together! Simple, easy, and cute!

Glittery Christmas Branches

This one is almost too easy. Go outside, wash a branch off, and spray some glitter paint on it!

Giant Ornaments!

I honestly don’t know where I’m going to put these when I make them, but they are a necessity. Grab a giant play ball in any color, a cake pan and some ribbon and glue them together!

And that’s it!

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your holiday projects! Have a great rest of your day!