Ambitious Real Estate Agent for High Paying Opportunity. We are looking for ambitious, business minded individuals to join our successful team. 


The professionals at Spartan Group Realty have the ability earn six figure incomes. The sky is the limit to what they can achieve. They attain a higher quality of life through an optimal balance of career independence and administrative support. 

Personal coaching from Renee, quality vendor relationships, positive environment, office generated leads, and world class support through technology and administrative assistance; these are just a few of the unique advantages of our team approach. 

 Our talented administrative staff help with handling the paperwork and details which will allow you to focus on gaining new business. We help pay for advertising, support staff and the latest technology. 


You are bright, ambitious and hard working. You are serious about your real estate career, and have the commitment and self-discipline to benefit from this unique opportunity. 


* Please take the Real Estate DISC assessment. Once complete, please provide your scores during our interview. *



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