How we help Buyers

Locating the right property for you

Have you ever worked with a real estate agent who showed you where to search for properties then told you to call them when you find what you want to see? That’s what we’d call Level 1 service. I have been recommended highly by my past buyer clients because I provide a much higher level of property search services!

  • Yes, we provide an MLS® search page on my site, but we do more for our buyers. We provide help in knowing how to use the search for optimal results, including explaining some of the information fields and real estate jargon.
  • From my search page you can request more information on any listings of interest with a quick and simple form.
  • Once we know the characteristics and neighborhoods that you want for your property, we create a custom search for you that will alert you with emails when new listings that meet your criteria hit the market. It will also alert you to price reductions.




  1. Define home requirements, geographic location, and price range
  2. Define Must have’s and would like’s
  3. Define any other requirements
  4. Let’s go home shopping


  1. Research recent sold comparable properties
  2. Determine offer price and max offer price
  3. Write offer, review, and submit to listing agent with Pre-approval letter
  4. Offer is accepted or negotiated to acceptable terms (within specified time, 1 day)
  5. Offer turns into contract or we go back to Home Search Stage


  1. Offer becomes ratified and is now a ‘Contract’
  2. Earnest Money Deposit is provided and deposited to Title company (upon acceptance of offer)
  3. Mortgage Application is completed (within 3-5 days) (by Buyer)
  4. Home Inspection is scheduled (within 7-15 days) (by SGR)
  5. Appraisal is ordered (by lender)
  6. Loan commitment received by lender (21-30 days)
  7. Title examination ordered (by Title Company)
  8. Title reviewed (by SGR, Listing Agent and buyer)
  9. Survey and Elevation Certificate (if required) is ordered (by Title   Company)
  10. Home Owner’s Insurance is ordered (by buyer)
  11. Closing instructions are provided to lender (by SGR)
  12. Earnest Money Deposit is ordered for release (by SGR)
  13. Utilities are ordered for turn on day of closing (by buyer)
  14. Final Walk Thru is scheduled (by SGR)
  15. Funds are wired to Title Company (by buyer)
  16. Let’s go close on your new home! 


 We are available for:

  1.  Questions
  2.  One Stop shop for all service providers needed
  3.  Home Exemption filing for taxes (when you receive the deed in mail, generally 4-6 weeks). File no later than      March 1 of following year
  4.  Following January – Settlement Statement for taxes (SGR will send to you)